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GoodHire has compiled New York's background check laws and rules for employers. include criminal information that is older than 7 years, and bankruptcy information Our take: If an applicant with criminal record history is denied employment or unless the position falls under an exception listed under N.Y.C. Admin.

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Utilizing several top methods can give you the best chances of landing a job. Building up a strong and sizable network of friends, associates and professionals you can go to in a job hunt is a major advantage in finding a job. According to a survey by the Right Management Manpower Group, 62 percent of North American job seekers found work through networking. A starting point in a job search is to let your network know that you're looking for work and to inquire about opportunities.

As you search, taking temporary employment can fill an income need while also providing access to potential employers.

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Companies often evaluate their temporary workers' performances for full-time, permanent opportunities. Even if the employer isn't hiring at that moment, you may get a recommendation or referral to another company or job if you perform well.

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The Right Management survey indicated that 11 percent of North Americans found work through placement agencies in , making them a top job source. The Internet and social media tools provide new platforms for personal branding and job searching.

Recruitment Services

The online social media company LinkedIn is one major resource for job searches. You can maintain contact with people in your network and find new contacts by searching the site's professional profiles for hiring managers and recruiters. When used properly, Facebook is another social media tool you can use to build and maintain personal and professional networks.

Why Can't Young People Find Jobs?

Facebook is sometimes criticized as a deterrent to job searches if misused. Do they want different things? As far as I can tell, no demographer has ever claimed that there are. We know younger people are always different than older people because of their stage in life, but we somehow think that the younger people today must somehow be different from what older people were at that age.

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The younger ones are just getting started in adult life; the older ones have homes and kids, so they want different kinds of things. Knowledge Wharton: Technology is a big piece of the hiring process, and it factors into questions about why people are struggling to get jobs.

When I was in college, I was encouraged to call recruiters and try to get informational interviews, things like that. Now, there are a lot of technological barriers that keep job seekers from talking to hiring managers. In the s, employers were really desperate for hiring people.

Wages were going up and it was, by all accounts, still a tighter labor market than it is now. When that happened, companies tried to make it much easier for you to apply because they wanted as many applicants as they could get. Everything could be submitted electronically. Then they got software that would scan applications. Applicant-tracking software is what this became known as. It is so easy to apply that the companies have had to put up these technological screens as a way to weed them down. There are ways that you can game the screening with keywords and stuff like that.

Knowledge Wharton: I think a lot of companies would say they want nontraditional candidates, people who may not be an obvious fit for the job. Cappelli: One thing that is already happening, and the reality of it is not quite up to the promise, is the application of data science to the hiring process. This is using machine learning. What attributes of job candidates relate to, or seem associated with, good performers versus bad performers? There are also some big risks. When algorithms make mistakes, they make mistakes at scale.

How To Get A Job Anywhere With NO Connections

They make them for thousands of people because we are applying the algorithm to hundreds and in some cases thousands of applicants. Knowledge Wharton: In the HBR article, you point out that companies have this interesting legal relationship with an applicant. Every one of them exposes you to liability, and every one costs you money.

That requires being more accurate about what you really want, not promising people things that are not true, and telling them the truth about things that not everybody is going to like. You have to get rid of them. Then you have to replace them. Where is that most important? One reason is because the defense against getting sued for discrimination if your hiring practices have an adverse impact against certain classes of candidates is that you can show that your practices actually work.

Find Me a Job! How a Recruiting Agency Can Help

Where do we need a human touch on this? Human touch is pretty expensive, so the prior question is how much money do you want to spend on this? They can do it a ton faster, and they can do it a lot better. What would your advice be to job seekers today? Candidates can get much much better information about jobs now Most people believe that sites like Glassdoor and Payscale give you more reliable information than you would get from an employer about working there.

Employers are much more likely to accommodate things like working from home. I think the advice of trying to get around the software to learn about jobs and pitch to recruiters or hiring managers is probably still true, if you could do it.