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GoodHire has compiled New York's background check laws and rules for employers. include criminal information that is older than 7 years, and bankruptcy information Our take: If an applicant with criminal record history is denied employment or unless the position falls under an exception listed under N.Y.C. Admin.

Kachurovskaya, Anna. Theme of the conference; Discussions on the social conditions of Russian Germans. Karklins, Rasma. Keck, Leander E. German-Russians in Europe and America. Thesis, Linfield College, Keel, William, ed. Keel, William D. Richard Beam, ed. Joshua R. Brown and Leroy T. Hopkins, Jr. Keller, Richard. Kinbacher, Kurt E. Dissertation, University of Nebraska, The article traces the social history of Russian Germans in Lincoln, Nebraska during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

According to the author, the few early settlers from the Volga region of Russia faced discrimination from the native-born Americans. The author believes that defining an ethnic identity had been a complicated process that continued through the first 50 years of their settlement. Toward the mids, improved economic conditions helped relieve the social tensions.

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Kiselyov, Vladimer. Reports on the increase in the number of Russians returning to Russia after failing to make a living in Germany. Housing projects for Russian Germans in Lotoshino; Changes in immigration patterns between the two countries. Khramova, Maria. Klassen, John N. Thesis, Fuller Theological Seminary, Kloberdanz, Rosalinda.

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Thesis, North Dakota State University, Kloberdanz, Timothy and Rosalinda. The authors collected numerous examples of modern Volga German folk traditions in Russia, and many of these are described in Thunder on the Steppe folksongs, folk medicine, proverbs, nicknames, poetry, dialect stories, drinking toasts, and food ways including recipes for Volga style vegetable soup, Gatletta meat patties , Grebbel, Trockne Nudel, Riwwelkuche, Petschenya cookies , and other dishes.

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Shortly after their arrival in Russia, the Kloberdanzes witnessed a country undergoing rapid political and social changes, culminating in a frightening military coup and thunderous collapse of Soviet Communism. A vivid description of the events surrounding the Second Russian Revolution as personally experienced by the two authors in a Volga German village also is included in the book.

Kloberdanz, Timothy. Luebke, ed. Ethnicity on the Great Plains. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, Article focuses on the manner in which German immigrants altered their culture in relation to new physical and social environments. Kloberdanz, Timothy J. Kloberdanz, Timothy John. Thesis, Colorado State University, Kloberdanz documents the historical and cultural background of the Volga Germans and the changes that their values and attitudes have undergone in the New World.

Koch, Fred. Kohls, W. Koop, Michael H.

Thesis, University of Wisconsin — Madison, Kreindler, Isabelle. Krieger, Viktor.

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Karl Shlogel. New York: Berg Publishers, Kulischer, Eugene M. The Displacement of Population in Europe. Montreal: International Labour Office, Laing, Francis S.

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Lautenschlager, Peggy A. Legg, Kathleen. Loewen, Royden. Thesis, University of Manitoba, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, Lohr, Eric. Long, James W. Suggests that Moscow politics, rather than climate or environment, was the primary contributory factor in the Volga Germany famine of Reasons famines occur and why peasant societies are more prone to experience famine than industrial societies; The Civil War which cut Volga Germany off from Moscow; The Bolshevik policy of unrestricted grain requisitioning in ; Merciless tactics of the 'Iron Broom'.

Mai, Brent Alan. Translation into English of the Census, including narrative of economic, religious, educational and structural makeup, colony movement, agricultural information. Lists 38, individuals by name including maiden , age, colony of original settlement, and household. This 2-volume set is complete with indexes, including surname, colony, movement by surname and movement by colony. Translation into English of nine early transport lists, with information on German families traveling to the Volga in and , although exact dates of transport are not indicated. Includes information on the number of people traveling within groups to new villages, as well as surname and religious affiliation. The corpus of this book consists of listings of the marriages of colonists before they left Germany for Russia.

These marriages are noted in the records of nine Protestant parishes for which original manuscripts were available for review by the authors. Also contains a brief gazetteer of the German colonies along the Volga as of Martin, Terry. London: Cornell University Press, Ronald Grigor Suny and Tarry Martin. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Marzolf, Arnold H.

Merten, Ulrich. Foreword by Eric J. McCagg, William O. Stalin Embattled, Detroit: Wayne State University Press, McGill, Nettie P. Children in Agriculture. Bureau Publication No. Report on the use of child labor in agriculture with data from the Federal Census. Includes statistics and commentary on the role of German-Russian children in the sugar beet industry, particularly in Northern Colorado pp.

Miller, Mark J. The Volga Germans are cited as an example of the difficulties of integration among immigrant populations. Miller, Michael M. Mrdjenovic, Aleksandr. Sidney Heitman. Mukhina, Irina. Session Technology, Gender and the Division of Labor. Nielsen, Ruth A. Thesis, Drew University, Oltmer, Jochen. Panarelli, Madeleine F. Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Peterson, Albert J. Peterson, Albert Jepmond, Jr.

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  • Thesis, Louisiana State University, Pfeiffer, John Edward. Pfeiffer, John B. Thesis, Bucknell University, Philipps, John and Herzog, Stephen M. The Germans under the Tsars, Lenin and Stalin. Pike, David. German Writers in Soviet Exile, Thesis, Stanford University, Pleve, Igor R.

    Translated by Richard Rye. This book traces the history of the Germans on the Volga in the second half of the eighteenth century, and it presents a rich source of archival material.. Special attention is paid to the development of the mechanism of inviting and settling foreign colonist on the Volga.

    The economic situation of the colonist is examined in detail. The causes of the initial situation of the immigrants in their first years of residence in the Saratov region and their successful economic activities during this time are revealed. The system of government in the colonies is also researched in detail. Pohl, J. This article traces the migration patterns of the Russian-Germans across international borders from their initial settlement in the Russian Empire starting in up to the present day. In particular it analyses the reasons behind these migration flows.