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In this case, it is assumed that the defendant is in agreement with all points in the petition and the plaintiff can proceed with the divorce as if it were an uncontested one.

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The divorce hearing is usually scheduled within one-two weeks after the waiting period of 30 days, since the receipt of summons by the defendant has elapsed and either the defendant has returned the papers duly signed or has not made any response to the petition. An uncontested divorce hearing does not take long. After a few questions, judge will sign the divorce judgment in triplicate. One copy is filed in the court.

The other copies are for the plaintiff and the defendant. A volunteer attorney will be available to answer general questions. Download the packet. Filing for divorce affects your rights to property division, spousal support, and alimony. You could lose important rights by filing for divorce. If you wish to pursue property division, spousal support, or alimony, you should consult with a private attorney to discuss your legal rights before filing. You are welcome to attend the clinic for general information, but the clinic does NOT specifically address these issues. The clinic will provide you with general legal information and guidance only.

The clinic will not provide you with specific, individual legal advice. If you need more help after the clinic, call our toll-free Helpline to apply for help.

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The clinic is held in locations throughout the state. If you do not see a clinic in your county, please check nearby counties.

Sign up for the clinic using the form below. The insanity basis for divorce is now little used. Remember that you can get an absolute divorce whether or not you and your spouse have resolved any of the other issues arising from your separation, such as custody, spousal and child support, or distribution of property. Either the plaintiff or the defendant must have resided in North Carolina for at least six months immediately preceding the institution of the divorce action. The six-month residency requirement is jurisdictional.

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In the event the requirement is not met, the court would not have jurisdiction to try the action and any decree rendered would be void. For more information on jurisdiction in North Carolina, please click here. Residence is interpreted in North Carolina to mean a domicile: you must be both in residence physical presence in the state and you must have the intent to make a home here or to live here permanently or indefinitely. This state will be your residence if, when absent, you intended to return here and, despite a such a temporary absence, had no present purpose to leave the state permanently.

So North Carolina is your residence even if you winter in Florida every year for three months, as long as you always return to your home here afterward. Domicile within the state after commencement of the divorce action cannot be included as part of the period of residence required by the statute. You might want to keep this fact in mind if you are planning to move soon to another state, because the residency requirement for divorce may be longer than another six months and that state may have a longer waiting period, such as three years, for no-fault divorces based on a period of separation.

Aliens, out of state students and military personnel are all capable of establishing adequate residency in North Carolina to meet the jurisdictional requirement for a NC absolute divorce. One need not be a citizen of the United States in order to establish residency or domicile within North Carolina for the purpose of divorce actions. Further, an adult student, who has become independent of parental control and support, may acquire a domicile at the place where his or her university or college is situated if the student regards that place as home, or intends to stay there indefinitely, and has no intention of going back to the place of the former home.

A servicemember stationed on a military reservation in the state is capable of establishing his domicile in North Carolina by virtue of section of the North Carolina General Statutes. This statute removes the barriers which might otherwise prevent a serviceman so situated from establishing a legal residence in this state where the serviceman actually has the present intention of changing his domicile to this state.

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However, the servicemember must establish both physical presence and intent. In one case, the North Carolina Court held that the domicile of a soldier or sailor in the military or naval service of his country generally remains unchanged, domicile being neither gained nor lost by being temporarily stationed in the line of duty at a particular place, even for a period of years. A new domicile may, however, be acquired if both the fact and the intent concur.

You do not have to prove, however, that the separation occurred on the specific date alleged in the complaint but only that you and your spouse have lived separate and apart for a period of at least one year prior to the institution of the suit. If you and your spouse have not lived separate and apart for at least a year, you are not eligible for an absolute divorce in North Carolina.

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Furthermore, it is not enough for you and your spouse to have moved into separate bedrooms in your residence, with a discontinuation of sexual relations. You and your spouse must in fact live in different places for the year. The divorce complaint may be verified and filed, then, no sooner than the first day after the full year runs.

If you verify the complaint before the year has run, even if you wait to file the complaint until after the full year, your case will be dismissed.


The older cases repeatedly held that the separation requirement was not met if, during the one-year period, the couple engaged in sexual relations. Even isolated or casual acts of sexual intercourse were held to halt the statutory one-year period required for divorce predicated on separation. This strict rule about isolated sexual contact created many problems.

Whether there has been a resumption of marital relations during the period of separation shall be determined pursuant to G. Isolated incidents of sexual intercourse between the parties shall not toll [halt] the statutory period required for divorce predicated on separation of one year. Isolated incidents of sexual intercourse between the parties shall not constitute resumption of marital relations.