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GoodHire has compiled New York's background check laws and rules for employers. include criminal information that is older than 7 years, and bankruptcy information Our take: If an applicant with criminal record history is denied employment or unless the position falls under an exception listed under N.Y.C. Admin.

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Main St. POOR in and to the real property described above. There are no warranties, express or implied, regarding the property being sold, including but not limited to warranties of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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County of Caldwell. Valdo Castillo. On a judgment rendered against Valdo Castillo, Jr. I did on September 19, levy upon as the property of Valdo Castillo, Jr. Terrell Constable Pct. Notice to bidders: You are buying whatever interest, if any, the debtor has in the property. Notice to Judgment Debtor: If there is any property, real or personal, you want to point out for levy in lieu of the above described property, you must contact this office immediately.

Bidders shall present an unexpired written statement issued to the person in the manner prescribed by section In addition, an individual may not bid on or purchase property in the name of any other individual. Lockhart ISD is accepting proposals for Football equipment and supplies for the school year. For the proposal package, please contact Tanya Homann at or fax The proposals are due Thursday, February 14, , at 2 PM.

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Box , Lockhart, TX No faxed or emailed proposals will be accepted. Lockhart ISD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. An admission is a confession which will convict you. The cop will tell you that If you cooperate, things will go better for you.

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They won't. If you think the cop will let you go if you cooperate, you are being foolish.

If the cop smells marihuana or alcohol, you are going to jail. If you have been in a wreck and the cop smells alcohol, you are going to jail. Don't ruin your case. Give your lawyer something to work with. Cops are taught to lie to citizens in order to get them to confess. Don't believe a word they say. Make the cop get a warrant. If you consent to a search, you have thrown away all your Fourth Amendment rights. Field sobriety tests are designed by cops to make you fail. Don't take any of them. Just say, "No thanks.

No law requires a person to submit to a field sobriety test. The cops won't tell you this. You are being judged by a cop who wants you to fail so he can take you to jail.

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There are three tests commonly in use in Texas. This is called Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus.

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The cop is looking to see if your eyes jerk. Don't look at the pencil. Just say, "No Thanks.

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I don't take tests. The cop overloads you with instructions you couldn't possibly follow while you are standing in an unnatural heel to toe position. Don't do it. Nobody can pass this test. Only Flamingos can stand on one leg. Don't take this test. Monthly Appointment and Fees Report.

Caldwell County Texas.

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Agendas and Minutes. Foreclosure Notices. Precinct 1 Precinct 2 Precinct 3 Precinct 4. Juvenile Probation Adult Probation. Audited Statements Monthly Statements. Job Openings. The following resources may provide various forms and can help guide you if you choose to proceed without an attorney.

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Request for Issuance of Withholding Order. How to find us. Caldwell County Justice Center S. Google Map Loading